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    Release time: 2018 - 06 - 28
    SeptemberDuring Sep. 15- 16, 2018, the first meeting of Third Session Beijing Chaoyang Lawyer Congress ended. At this meeting, 50 “Chaoyang Outstanding Law Firms in 2015-2018”, 100 “Outstanding Lawyers” and 48 gainers of “Industry Contribution Award” were commended and 51 directors of 3rd Beijing Chaoyang Lawyers Association were elected. Hereinto, Guangsheng & Partners Law Offices won the title of “Chaoyang Outstanding Law Firms in 2015-2018”; the senior partner, Lawyer XU Ruhua was selected as the director of 3rd Beijing Chaoyang Lawyers Association; senior partner, Lawyer YAN Hai won the “Industry Contribution Award”; senior partner, Lawyer ZHAI Haojie won the honorary title of “Outstanding Lawyer”; partner, Lawyer GENG Jun own the “...
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    Release time: 2018 - 07 - 20
    NovemberOn Nov. 29, 2017, Legal 500, the international authoritative legal rating agency, released the latest Asia-Pacific law firm ranking list for 2018. Beijing Guangsheng & Partners Law Offices (“G&P”) continued to be honored as "China International Trade Excellent Law Firm" in the Asia-Pacific Region of Legal 500 in 2018. G&P has been awarded the honor for more than 15 years. It is the oldest and most stable international trade and anti-dumping firm in the industry. It has ranked first-class law firm for several years and come out top in the industry for more than 10 years. At the same time, the three lawyers of G&P International Trade Team continued to be awarded the title of "Excellent International Trade Lawyer" in Legal 500.Since 2000, G&...
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    Release time: 2013 - 11 - 29
    JulyThe Party Branch of Guangsheng & Partners Law Offices (“G&P”) won the honorary title of the Advanced Party Branch of Beijing Chaoyang Lawyers Association.ZHANG Jingru, Secretary of the Party Branch, was awarded the title of Excellent Party Worker in Beijing and Excellent Party Worker of Beijing Chaoyang Lawyers Association.LI Likai, Senior Partner Lawyer, won the title of “Friends of the Party Building” of Beijing Chaoyang Lawyers Association.Senior Partner Lawyers XU Ruhua, YAN Hai and ZHAI Haojie were awarded the title of Excellent Communist Party Member of Beijing Chaoyang Lawyers Association.

Justice Begins with Procedures

Date: 2018-09-03
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Our lawyers, HE Zhenyu and XIE Hai, undertook a criminal defense case. They tried to protect the legal rights and interests of the criminal suspect from the issue of jurisdiction and granted bail to the criminal suspect who had been detained for more than one year.

The criminal suspect, surnamed WANG XX, was indicted by the Grass-Roots Procuratorate of a city in S Province on charges of duty encroachment and infringement of trade secrets. After the case was accepted by the local court, it entered the trial procedure. Lawyer HE Zhenyu and Lawyer XIE Hai accepted the commission from the WANG XX's family, as WANG XX's defenders. They learned about the case through reading papers and meeting with WANG XX, and found that there were some problems in the jurisdiction of the case. The two lawyers actively communicated with the local procuratorate and court, clearly pointing out that according to the provisions of the Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Law, the local court have no jurisdiction over the case, and there are jurisdictional errors in the local public security case filing, investigation and prosecution of the local procuratorate.

Given that the local public procuratorial organs have handled the same cases, the court and procuratorate refused to accept the lawyers' opinions and insisted on hearing. Lawyer HE Zhenyu and Lawyer XIE Hai responded step by step to the higher court on this issue and tried to limit the court's hearing to jurisdictional issues. In the course of the hearing on jurisdiction, Lawyer HE Zhenyu and Lawyer XIE Hai, based on facts and laws, had a fierce and tit-for-tat debate with the public prosecutor and the lawyer acting for the victim unit. After the adjournment, the collegiate bench indicated that it would no longer insist on having jurisdiction over the case. It would report the case to the higher court and ask the higher court for guidance. Subsequently, the suspect WANG XX was bailed out by his family.

WANG XX and his family told lawyers that although the case has not been completed, they have realized the fairness and justice of the legal procedures.

Lawyers HE Zhenyu and XIE Hai are confident and optimistic about the future of this case.

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2018 - 09 - 03
On August 8, 2018, the US Department of Commerce announced its preliminary determination in the annual review (16-17) of Xanthan Gum from China, Dr. Hai Yan represented a well-known producer (Meihua) and got a zero anti-dumping duty. Dr. Hai Yan has achieved more than ten zero duties or non-duty results in outbound and inbound trade remedy cases, as well as many duties around or below 10...
2017 - 09 - 30
The international trade team of G&P represents Hareon Solar in the Antidumping Investigation concerning imports of “Solar Cells whether or not assembled partially or fully in modules or Panels or on glass or some other suitable substrates” from China PR, initiated by India. This case is the biggest one targeted by India in this year. The team of G&P helps Hareon Solar finish...
2017 - 09 - 30
It is noted that in these AD and CVD investigations, the international trade team of G&P law firm is representing the mandatory respondent Shanxi Xuanshi Industrial Group Co., Ltd (“Xuanshi Group”). In the Chinese casting industry, Xuanshi Group is one of the 100 biggest producers and the number 1 in the casting drainpipe sector, the group has a production capacity of 120,000 tons and has also...
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