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G&P (Shanghai) has unique advantage in this field. It handled all types of labor litigation and non-litigation businesses. Ms. Sammi Pang, director of G&P (Shanghai), is a well-known expert in labor law and management of employment relationship, she is also holding many important posts in the field of labor law such as vice director of Labor Law Committee of Shanghai Bar Association, member of Labor Law Committee of the All China Lawyers Association, arbitrator of the Shanghai Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee, and so on. She has written several monographs on labor law.

Business introduction

The labor and personnel department of G&P has extensive litigation and arbitration experience in company contracts, labor and personnel cases, combined with in-depth study of the Company Law, Labor Law and relevant laws and regulations, it has a more systematic practice of legal research and unique experience, including participation in negotiations of the labor contracts and collective labor relations, check of labor contract, address and prevention of legal disputes, rules and regulations involved in development of business management, providing programs of corporate and personnel restructuring and helping companies control labor costs rationally, etc.

G&P’s services include:

Representing clients in arbitration and litigation regarding labor issues

Year-round labor counsel

Non-litigation legal services regarding the application of labor law

Drafting labor rules and regulations for enterprises

Put forward restructuring scheme regarding labor relations in corporate restructuring

Labor law training

Team of Labor and Personnel Department

Sammi Pang (Senior Partner)

Ms. Sammi Pang specializes in Labor law, Company law and Contract Law.

Ms Pang is a famous attorney in labor law area. She has served as legal consultant and provided professional legal services for many famous international enterprises. She often participates in labor arbitration and litigations. Many of her cases have been broadcasted in “Court In Session---Living” of Suzhou TV Station, “Case Focus” and “Law and Morality” of Shanghai Eastern TV, “Oriental Lawyers” of Shanghai radio, Phoenix and other TV and radio programs. Her thesis, papers and personal review have been published in many foreign journals and websites.

Ms Pang is also a famous labor law trainer. She is very experienced in HR training. She provided legal trainings for management personnel and staffs of many enterprises, and lectured in open classes for managing principals and HR experts. The total number of people who have accepted her training programs is more than 100,000. And also she has written several important legal monographs, such as,.

Ms Pang is also an Arbitrator of Shanghai Labour Dispute Arbitration Committee , member of labor law commission, ACLA,  deputy director of labor law commission, Shanghai Bar Association, part-time professor of Shanghai Accountant College, senior tutor of Shanghai Yingcai Advancing College, senior tutor of Chinese Training Center for Enterprisers.

Ms Pang graduated from FuDan University and obtained a degree of Master of Law.


Marvin Xu (Partner)

Mr. Xu’s practice focuses on Company Law, Criminal Law, IP Law .Maritime Law and Labour law.

Mr. Xu, as the deputy director of G&P Shanghai Office, started his practice in 1999 in another two local law firms before he became a member of G & P

Mr. Xu was a legal manager of an in-house counsel department of PTIC in 1996. He was in charge of day-to-day operations, co-ordination of governmental bodies and supervision of other departments’ legality. During his tenure Mr. Xu had complied, revised, and perfected a whole composition of managerial system for a big state-run enterprise with assistance of the in-house legal counsel department of PTIC Group.

Mr. Xu has handled solely many cases in connection with this enterprise, including embezzlement, misappropriation, infringement of business secret and trade mark. He was well experienced practically and theoretically as a legal counsel for enterprises.

Mr. Xu has provided legal services for many famous companies, banks, and insurance companies. His services helped his clients to avoid great risks in many of his successful cases, including but not limited to, post misappropriation (accused: Ye XX), infringement of business secret (defendant: Ma XX), infringement of patent (Baoyang Pipe Vs XX Company), copywriter dispute (Tonghui Real Estate Vs XX Real Estate), fake “Hero” pen production (accused: XX Company). Some of these cases had been reported by media such as: Shanghai TV, Oriental TV, Xinhua net, Jiefang Daily, Shanghai Jurisdiction, Democracy and Legal System, etc.

Mr. Xu Graduated from East China University of Politics and Law (legal professional).


Shine Mao (Associate)

Ms. Shine Mao specializes in Labor law, company law, intellectual property law, legal services in regard of foreign investment.

Shine has served as legal consultant in many famous enterprises, government departments, educational institutions, foreign consulates. Shine has played an important role in negotiations with respect to all kinds of projects, drafted rules and bylaws for companies, initiated and reviewed various Chinese an English contracts and other legal documents, as well as translated agreements from Chinese into English and vice versa, she also provided specialized legal consultation for a large amount of companies. Therefore, Shine is familiar with every legal aspect of company daily operation.

On the other hand, Shine has acted as agent in various civil and commercial arbitration, litigation cases and accumulated rich experiences in company legal affairs. She has been praised by all clients for her spirit for high standard, devotion, attentiveness and dedication.

Shine received her L.L.M from East China University of Politics and Law and obtained her L.L.B from Anhui University as an English major. She is proficient in Chinese and English.


Celine Yao (Associate)

Ms. Celine Yao specializes in Labor law, company law, criminal defense, etc.

As a lawyer, Celine has successfully handled a number of litigations, and was good at dealing with labor and personnel disputes, marital and property disputes, credit collections and documentations, personal injury and compensation, which assisted to many clients to avoid huge economic losses. Celine adheres the legal professional view and thinking for each client when providing his clients with legal services, and solves a number of significant, difficult, complex disputes, which are highly appraised by clients.

Celine received her L.L.B from Anhui Normal University.

Amy Tan (Associate)

Ms. Tan’s practices include: contract, tort, personal injury, marriage and family.

Ms. Tan also advises individuals and enterprises in special cases , including legal opinions issuance, legal advices, drafting and revision of contract, and letter of attorney, and litigation or arbitration.

Her successful cases involve many areas, for instance, debt and credit case (Shanghai XX Publication Vs Shanghai XX Toll Company), which helped her client to profit of more than 60,000 RMB.

Ms. Tan graduated from law school, Hubei University and got her LL.B. Her carefulness, earnest in her career is always highly appraised by clients.

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