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Guangsheng & Partners has extensive experience in advising on all aspects of real estate practice. We are deeply rooted in China and in tune with the unique political, legal and commercial environment, we understand the underlying business issues and risks. We work closely and constructively with all parties involved with aims to developing innovative financing solutions for real estate projects in China. 

We have advised banks, real estate funds, project owners or developers in various financings including acquisition lending, development and constructions loans, structured lending including mezzanine loans, include commercial buildings, office property, residential property, warehouses, industrial plants, hotels and resorts, and complex use property among others.

Business introduction

Real estate fund formation

G&P’s Real Estate fund formation practice has witnessed dramatical development in recent years. The real estate practice team helped the formation of multiple real estate funds with capital raised of billions RMB. The landmark deals of G&P include: G&P helped with the first real estate fund recordal with National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

With the tendency of tighter supervision on the real estate industry, we are committed to structuring innovative structure of real estate fund in compliance with China laws and regulation, and to protecting the interests of GP and LPs to the most extent. We are also pursuing to provide our clients with professional and high quality services with reasonable attorney fees.

G&P’s services include: 

Designing innovative and legitimate structure of fund formation and investment;

Drafting full set of fund formation legal documents;

Providing legal advices to investors;

Communicating with PRC government authorities;

Assisting in the formation and closing of PE fund and fund manager;

Fund recordal and other legalservices.


Real Estate Investment

Our team has provided legal services to  many real estate investments b with innovative legal and financial solutions. 

G&P’s services include: 

Designing transaction structures which comply with Chinese and international practice (including round-trip investment and offshore restructure).

Drafting and negotiating term sheet;

Carrying out due diligence investigation on behalf of investors;

Drafting investment documentation;

Participating in negotiations;

Issuing PRC legal opinions;

Assisting in the closing of investment transactions;


Project financing and trust

G&P’s services include: 

Designing the scheme of company restructuring and public offering of shares;

Carrying out due diligence investigations;

Assisting in the restructuring of company;

Preparing transaction documents;

Communicating with other intermediary agencies (accountants);

Issuing official legal opinions;

Real estate development and constructions

G&P’s services include:


Assisting in negotiating and drafting land acquisition agreements and removal compensation agreements;

Assisting in negotiating with local Land and Resources Bureau;

Assisting in negotiating and drafting real estate renting agreements;

Assisting in daily legal matters in real estate management;

Other services relating to renting and selling real estate.


Issue legal opinion for bid and tender;

Assisting in negotiation and drafting legal documentation;

Supervising in performing construction agreements;

Provide legal service in acceptance of works.


Litigation and arbitration 

Our real estate practice team has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration in this area with the tight cooperation of litigation and arbitration practice team. Deeply rooted in China and in tune with the unique political, legal environment, we understand the progress for litigation and arbitration. We are able to provide efficient legal solutions for our clients’ disputes in high quality.

 G&P’s services include:

Settling dispute in real estate development;

Settling dispute in performing agreements in this area.

Team of Real Estate Department

Ruhua Xu ( Senior Partner)

Mr. Xu specializes in the legal practice of construction project, real estate, corporation, finance, arbitration, intellectual property and civil litigation, criminal defense. 

Mr. Xu once worked as a director in the First High Way Office of the PRC Transportation Administration. Mr. Xu now is the secretary-general of Property Management Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association. 

Mr. Xu has wealth of experience in the area of property management in China. He has the ability to solve complicated disputes and manage complex situations for large real estate companies. He has handled a lot of cases in civil litigation and arbitration. Mr. Xu also worked as the legal counsel for many public listed real estate companies. He has accumulated rich experience in handling litigations. 

Mr. Xu served as legal counsel for Luyin Investment Group, Liaoning International Cooperation (Group) Co., LTD, Beijing Dadujintai real estate development Co., LTD, Beijing fifth construction company, Beijing Sixth construction company, Beijing Zhonghongji engineering limited liability company, the State General Administration of Sports Equipment CXenter, China Building Materials Science Institute, Inner Mongolia Cashmere Group, Beijing furniture company, Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmaceutical Company, Qinghua Shanwei new technology companies etc. He also provided legal service for Legal Daily, China's traffic and other media companies.

Mr. Xu graduated from Peking University with LL.B and LL.M.


Shansheng Xia (Senior Partner)

Mr. Xia specializes in the legal practice of finance real state, construction project and criminal defense.

Mr. Xia began his practice career from 1993, and has been involved in hundreds of civil, economical and criminal cases, which brought him a good reputation. He also served as legal counsel for dozens of enterprises.

With a solid knowledge in law, Mr. Xia has published a series of legal writings, including Prevention and Resolution of Construction Disputes Practice, Estate Management Law, Lease Contract Practice, Enterprise Construction etc.

Prior to Mr. Xia joined GuangSheng & Partners, he served as the head of the legal department of one big state-owned enterprise. He received his LL.M from China University of Political Science and Law.

Yuping Chen (Partner) 

Ms Chen’s main area of practice is litigation and arbitration pertaining to real estate sales and house mortgage loan.

Ms. Chen serves as a legal counsel for several real estate companies, and involved in multiple proceedings and arbitrations regarding real estate. In 1998, Ms. Chen once participated the pilot and promotion project of individual house mortgage loan of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Branch, and China Construction Bank Beijing Branch, and was a drafter of relevant laws and regulations. Ever since, Ms. Chen’s practice focused on the mortgage loan. She has provided legal service for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications and Agricultural Bank of China regarding mortgage loan, credit investigation, and accumulated rich experience in her area.

Ms. Chen received her LL.B from Peking University. Before she joined GuangSheng & Partners, she worked at the government.


Shidong Hou (Partner)

Mr. Hou’s main area of legal practice is construction project and company affairs.

Mr. Hou is familiar with the entire process of company's establishment and operation, and proficient in financial Settlement. He once served as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of one large multinational group for years. In 1999, he began his legal practice career in the area of construction project and spent a lot of time in Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai. He has solid legal knowledge, and accumulated a wealth of experience in financial management and corporate governance practices. 

Mr. Hou holds the project manager qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Construction, and economist certificate. Now, he is committed to resolving real estate disputes in construction area, mainly providing long-term legal services for trans-regional large-scale construction companies to handle a large number of disputes resulting from construction settlement in Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai. Many of his successful cases have been considered as classical cases. 

Weidong Du (Partner)

Mr. Du specializes in commercial arbitration, intellectual property rights disputes, civil and economic proceedings; he also involved in the restructuring, financing and investment of multiple reputed enterprises. 

Mr. Du has provided legal service for many corporations, including China Everbright Bank Head Office, Beijing Rural Commercial Bank, Beijing Symphony Asia Investment Management Limited, the Great Wall Real Estate Corporation, Beijing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. 2nd, Beijing, Cheng-Yi Cheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing Boli De Macro Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. (Chinese general agent of European well-known Germany brand-Nobilia Kitchen), and Beijing unlimited architectural design firm, Beijing Ocean Sunshine architectural design consultant Co., Ltd., Beijing Ya Feng Furniture Co., Ltd., Beijing Phoenix Holiday International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Beijing longxing Fu Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Technology and Business Hotel, Beijing Smartdot technology Co., Ltd.etc.

He has handled many important and complex litigations, represented the Headquarter of China Industrial, Commercial Bank of China, Wuhan Hankou Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, the Great Wall Real Estate Corporation, China Hai-Hui Ze Power Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. and other enterprises involving letters of credit, deposit pledge, real estate investment, construction project.

Mr. Du joined GuangSheng & Partners in 1999. Prior to this, he served as in-house in some large construction enterprises in charge of drafting construction contracts, business negotiation and corporate affairs, and has accumulated a wealth of practical experience. Then he worked in Beijing Zhongren Law Firm from 1998 to 1999. He received his LL.B degree from the Law School of Peking University. 

Anye Chen (Partner)

Mr. Chen’s main area of practice is litigation and arbitration pertaining to real estate and construction projects, corporate affairs, civil disputes, labor disputes, and special litigation procedure.

Mr. Chen is one member of China Law Society as well as the first co-counsels group of Supreme People's Court Newspaper. He was awarded the “advanced individual for providing legal service” and the Olympics Award of Security by Beijing Justice Bureau in 2008. He is also a senior counsel in the Investment Consultant center of Beijing Legal Person.

Since Mr. Chen started his practice career,he has handled a large number of complex and influential cases, including International Friendship Gardens real estate litigation,which was listed the first of China's top ten activists in 2006, Nirvana-day city international apartment real estate litigation;contract dispute arbitration between the construction companies under the State Council and contractors, a contract dispute between a construction company and a large state-owned company group, acting as a counsel of the customs in the largest smuggling case since the foundation of PR, a contract dispute in medical malpractice between a patient and a well-known Beijing University affiliated hospital, a medical mistake litigation resulting from health care between patient and a Beijing hospital, a financial litigation for a guarantee company with an amount of more than 200 million, Samsung CD-ROM trademark infringement lawsuit, which was listed one of the Chinese consumer rights protection Top Ten Cases in 2005. Mr. Chen also dealt with a large number of complex economic disputes representing many well-known foreign enterprises from South Korea, Japan and other countries.

Mr. Chen obtained his LL.B from China University of Political Science and Law.

Jun Geng (Partner)

Mr. Geng’s main area of practice is litigation and arbitration pertaining to consumer rights protection, real estate, trade and construction project.

Mr. Geng is one of the first group obtaining the Legal Qualification Certificate of the PRC. He is also the secretary-general of the Consumer Rights Protection Commission under Beijing Lawyers Association.

Mr. Geng received his LL.M degree in economic law from Renmin University of China.

Tiejun Zhen (Associate)

Mr. Zhen specializes in the legal practice construction, real estate and corporate affairs. 

Mr. Zhen involved in multiple substantial economic disputes and labor disputes, and provided legal services for a large number of real estate and construction projects. He works conscientiously with great diligence and responsibility, which greatly safeguards the clients' rights and interests, and brought him a good reputation in this area. 

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