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Guangsheng is one of the very few and earliest law firms in China that have established an international trade practice group specializing in anti-dumping investigation, anti-subsidies and countervailing measures. 

During the past ten years, Guangsheng has represented the most number of foreign companies to respond to PRC anti-dumping investigations and helped many multinational companies achieve satisfactory result for their responses. Since China became a WTO member, this practice group has seen great expansion. 

In cooperation with some world famous law firms and accounting firms all over the world, this group is committed to providing highly professional legal service and will achieve the goal in its future representation of multinational clients for anti-dumping investigation and countervailing proceedings.


Business introduction

Our Advantages:

As one of the largest law firms in China specializing in trade law,  we have the following advantages:

BEST WORKING TEAM: TWO FORMER GOVERNMENTAL OFFICIALS IN BUREAU OF FAIR TRADE (Antidumping Investigation Authority) OF PRC MINISTRY OF COMMERCE (MOFCOM); professional attorneys and CPAs who are very experienced in helping clients getting low duty rates.

BETTER RESULTS: most of our clients received the rates that were less than 10% or zero. Some investigations were terminated by reason of no injury.

MORE CASES: G&P had handled nearly a hundred antidumping and countervailing cases in the past decade, and cooperated with the best foreign law firms in the world.

 Team of International Trade Department

Dr. HAI YAN,  Senior Partner

◆ Education

---LLM, Georgetown University at Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
 Honored Fellowship of Institute of International Economic Law

--- PH. D., Master of Laws (LLM), China University of Politics & Law at Beijing.

--- LL.B. (Law Degree)., NW University of Politics & Law.

◆ Experience

---MOFCOM: Senior Anti-dumping Case Analyst, Attorney.

Served in MOFCOM for 8 years, working in Bureau of Fair Trade, Law and Treaty Department.
Handled many anti-dumping investigations and reviews cases, including the first review case-PET-Film review, acrylic acid, styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), catechol, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), toluene diisocyanate (TDI), and stainless steel, etc. 

Drafted all MOFCOM anti-dumping regulations and many WTO negotiation proposals. Actively involved in WTO Negotiations.

----SIDLEY AUSTIN LLP, Washington DC, USA, Attorney

◆ Issues involved including:

WTO DSB Cases, Multi-fiber Arrangement Development and Sovereign Wealth Fund cases. FTA and Customs Cases: A dispute between a Fortune 500 company with a foreign government regarding ASEAN. A dispute between a Fortune-500 company with China Customs regarding Tariff Classification. 

----Joined Guangsherng & Partners in 2006 as partner, Beijing Office China. 

Handled investment and trade cases for foreign clients, i.e. Catterpillar, LSI, GE and other huge companies. Successfully helped many chemical producers, steel product producers in winning several anti-dumping cases with low duty rates. 

◆ Publicatiosns

Published many articles on anti-dumping and other trade law issues in Journal of International Trade, China Business Daily, etc. 

Networking with Chinese Government: Developed strong network with colleagues in the Ministry’s departments, especially in Bureau of Fair Trade, Law and Treaty, Foreign Investment, and WTO Departments, as well as other ministries like China Customs, Ministry of Finance, etc.

◆ Areas of practice

International trade, International Investment and Arbitration, Competition Law.

 Dr. Likai Li , Senior Partner

◆ Education

---PH. D. (Economics), Queen’s University, Kingston, ONT, Canada

---LLM, California State University at San Jose, California, U.S.A

---Master of Law (LLM), Law School of Huanghe University, China

◆ Experience

 --Served for 3 years as government official and legal counsel of the Department of International Trade in charge of WTO Negotiations, currently named the Bureau of Fair Trade for Import & Export, PRC Ministry of Commerce. Involved in drafting PRC trade law and PRC anti-dumping regulations as Attorney.

---As founding partner, established Guangsheng & Partners in Beijing in late 1996.

---Admitted to Bar in late 1995, joined China Legal Affairs Center practicing as independent Attorney.

◆ Areas of practice 

International trade, International Investment, International litigation and arbitration

--- Listed in WHO’S WHO LEGAL: TRADE & CUSTOMS, EDITION from 2002 to now. Please see the website:

--- Listed in Chambers Global: WTO/International Trade, EDITION from 2002 to now. 

 Other team members:

Including more than ten lawyers and CPAs graduating from famous law school and business college in the United States, UK, Australia and China, who are closely related to G&P’s outstanding performance. 

 Achievements of International Trade Department

The track record:

1. Antidumping and countervailing investigations

Inbound cases:

Phenol from the United States 、EU、Japan 、Korea and Thailand-Represented Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber from the Korea and Japan---Represented KUMHO Petrochemical.(lowest rate 12%)

AD Interim Review on Optical Fiber from U.S - Lowest Rate

AD Sunset Review on Optical Fiber Preform from U.S. and Japan

AD and CVD investigations against OCPNA from India

CVD Sunset review against Potato Starch from EU

DDGS from the United States-represented a mandatory responding company and USGS

Optical Fiber Sunset Review

Photographic Paper and Paper Board products Interim Review

Unbleached Sack Paper from EU, the United States and Japan

Iron Based Amorphous Alloy Ribbon (Strip) from Japan and the United States

Acrylic Fiber from Japan, Korea and Turkey-Represented Toray

Methyl Methacrylate from Singapore, Thailand and Japan

Dialysis Machine from EU and Japan---Represented Nikkiso and Bellco---Win with Revocation

Optical Fiber from U.S. Interim Review ---OFS Win with Revocation

Optical Fiber Preform from US and Japan —OFS and Furukawa

Optical Fiber from India —BFL win with one of the lowest rates

Optical Fiber Interim Review USA ---OFS. Win with Revocation

PCE from EU and USA  – Represented Arkema, etc

Alloy Stainless Steel Tubes from EU and Japan—IBF,Lowest Rate

Dissolving Pulp from USA, Canada and Brazil

Polysilicon from EU

Polysilicon from USA and Korea

Potato Starch CVD investigation from EU---Got the lowest rate

High-performance Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes from EU and Japan---Represent a French      producer. (the lowest rate in 2012)

DDGS from United States,---Represented all three mandatory respondents. (zero duty)

Coated Bleached Folding originating in the United States-MeadWestvac, terminated

Photographic Paper from US, EU and Japan ---Kodak Limited, etc

Optical Fiber from the United States

Methanol from Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand—NO DUTY

Certain Iron or Steel Fasteners imported from EU

Polyamide-6,6 from EU, Taiwan and US 

Dimethyl cyclosiloxane/cyclic dimethyl siloxane from Thailand and Korea 

Acetone imported from Japan, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan 

Methyl Ethyl Ketone imported from Japan, Singapore and Taiwan 

BPA from Japan, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan

Electrolytic Capacitor imported from Japan --- Represented DAIFUKU PAPER M. F. G CO., LTD

Potato Starch Products imported from EU

    --- Represented ROQUETTE Freres S. A. (France)

    --- Represented European Starch Industry Association

Butanols from Russia, US, Malaysia, South Africa, EU and Japan

Octanol (Octyl Alcohol) Products imported from Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan,

    EU and Indonesia 

    --- Represented Chisso Corporation (Japan) (no injury)

    --- Represented Al-Jubail Fertilizer Company (Saudi Arabia) (no injury)

Wear resistant overlay paper imported from USA and EU. 

Polybutylene Terephthalate Resin (PBT) imported from Japan and Taiwan. 

Catechol imported from USA and Japan. 

Spandex imported from Japan, Singapore, Korea, USA and Taiwan.

Sunset review of cold-rolled stainless steel sheet. -- Represented Gillette (USA)

ECH from Russia, Korea, Japan and US

7-Hydroxy imported from Japan, EU and USA. -- Represented FMC (USA) (price undertaking)

EPDM from US, Korea and the Netherlands

Dimethyl cyclosiloxane imported from Japan, USA, Britain and Germany. 

    --- Represented GE (USA),

    --- GE-Bayer (Germany),  

    ---GE-Toshiba (Japan). (obtained very minimum margin)

BPA imported from Japan, Russia, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan ---Represented Idemitsu Petrochemical Co., Ltd

Unbleached Kraft Liner/ Linerboard imported from USA, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan.  --- Represented Weyerhaeuser (USA) (obtained the lowest margin in the final determination and  finally ended with 0% margin in correction of errors)

Hydrazine Hydrate from Japan, Korea and USA, 

    --- Represented Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. (Japan)

    --- Represented KOC (Korea) (obtained the lowest margin)

CR Products from EU, USA and Japan,  --- Represented Polimerieuropa (EU)

Optical Fiber Products from USA, Korea and Japan 

    ---Represented OFS Fitel, LLC (USA)

    ---Represented Mitsubishi Cable Industries Ltd. (Japan)

Chloroform Products from India, USA, EU and Korea -- Represented Gujarat Alklis and Chemicals Ltd. (India)

Ethanolamine Products from Japan, USA, Germany, Taiwan, Malaysia, 

    Mexico and Iran. 

    --- Represented OUCC (Taiwan)

    --- Represented Iran National Petrochemical Complex (Iran)

    --- Represented Iran Arak Petrochemical Company (Iran)

Phenol Products from USA, Korea, Japan and Taiwan 

    --- Represented Dow Chemical Company

    --- Represented Shell Chemical LP

    --- Represented Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation

TDI Products from USA, Japan and Korea

    --- Represented Dow Chemical Company;

    --- Represented Huntsman International LLC

    --- Represented Lyondell Chemical Company

    --- Represented Arch Chemicals, Inc.

Safeguard investigation on Certain Steel products. 

    ---Represented 16 Member Companies of European Steel Tube

        Association (ESTA). (EU)

    ---Represented Leman Commodities S.A. (Geneva, Switzerland)

    ---Represented Azovstal Iron & Steel Works (Ukraine)

        On Nov.1, 2002, the Chinese government announced diplomatic notes

        to ESTA and the Ukraine government that all the steel products of

        ESTA (EU), Leman Commodities S.A. and Azovstal Iron & Steel

        Works have been excluded from the Safeguard measures of PRC

        government. This successful result is achieved with the help of the anti dumping team of  

        Guangsheng & Partners.

PVC Products from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, USA and Russia 

    ---Represented Shin-Etsu Corporation. (Japan)

    ---Represented Shin-tech Inc. (USA)

Cold Rolled Steel Plate Products from Russia, Korea, Ukraine, Kazakhastan and Taiwan

Styrene Butadiene Rubber from Korea, Japan and Russia ---Represented Omsk Cholchuk Ltd. (Russia)

Phthalic Anhydride from Korea, Japan and India 

    ---Represented Kohap Chemical Corporation (Korea)

    ---Represented IG Petrochemicals Ltd. (India)

EU Catechol from Italy and France 

    ---Represented Rhodia S.A. Company (France) (the lowest margin)

Coated Art Paper Products from Korea, Japan, US and Finland (Feb., 2002)

Caprolactam Products from Japan, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Russia

Acrylic Ester from Singapore - Represented Singapore Acrylic Ester Pte Ltd, a joint venture set up by Toagosei and Sumitomo

PSF from Korea --- Represented Korean Samheung Corporation, obtain rate of 5%

PET Chips from Korea--- Represented Korean Kohap Corporation.

L-lysine from US, Korea and India

Polystyrene from Japan, Korea and Thailand -- Represented Dainippon Ink Chemicals Incorporation, questionnaire response submitted on May 8, 2001.  Investigation terminated on Dec 6, 2001 due to SETC’s No-Injury Determination.

Methylene Chloride from Holland, Germany, US, Korea and UK

Acrylic Easter from Japan, Europe and USA --- Represented 4 major companies:

Nippon Shokubai, Tomen Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation and Marubeni  Corporation;

Stainless steel products from Korea 

    --- Represented all six Korean responding companies in response & Negotiation on      

         Suspension Agreement;

    --- Preliminary determination delivered on April 13, 2000.

    --- Final determination published on Dec 18, 2000. Reduced dumping margin rate:

    --- Convinced Ministry of Commerce to initiate China’s first Negotiation on SUSPENSION AGREEMENT. G&P represented all above six Korean companies. 

         The Agreement was successfully signed in Dec. 15 and the result published on Dec 18, 2000

PET Film from Korea 

Cold Rolled Silicon Steel Products from Russia 

Outbound cases:

Xanthan gum Review— Represented Meihua Group

Multilayered Wood Flooring Review

HEDP from China to U.S.(Review )—Represented  a mandatory respondent

Quartz Surface Products from the People’s Republic of China- represent 45 Chinese companies.

Plastic Decorative Ribbon from the People’s Republic of China-represent the largest mandatory respondent

Cast Iron Soil Pipe from China to United States --represent several Chinese producers and exporters

Forged steel fittings from China to United States--represent several exporters for the exclusion of product.

Solar cells and modules from China to India-represent one of the largest Chinese producers

Cast Iron Soil Pipe Fittings Fiber from China to United States -represent 12 Chinese producers and exporters and one mandatory respondent

Fine Denier Polyester Staple Fiber from China to United States-represent several Chinese producers and exporters

Cold-drawn Mechanical Tubing of Carbon and Alloy Steel from China to United States

Aluminum Foil from China to United States

A4 copy paper exported from China to Australia  

Xanthan gum Review— Represented Meihua Group

HEDP from China to U.S.(AD&CVD)—Represented  a mandatory respondent

Uncoated Paper from China to U.S. (AD&CVD)

AD Review of Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Solar Cells from China

Passenger vehicle and light truck tires from China to U.S.—Represented Giti Tire

Agricultural tires from China to Brazil—Represented Qingdao Aonuo

Agricultural tires from China to Brazil—Represented Qingdao Qihang  (terminated)

Multilayered Wood Flooring Review 

Certain New Pneumatic Off-the-Road Tires from China to U.S. Review---Represented Qingdao Qihang

Certain photovoltaic modules and laminates from China to Canada—CVD Investigation

Passenger Car Tires from China to U.S.--- Represented Wanli, one of the largest Chinese Producer

Multilayered Wood Flooring Review 

Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Products from China to United States  CVD Investigation ---The Lowest CVD rate

Crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells from China to United States -AD First   Administrative Review

Sheet glass from China to India

Multilayered Wood Flooring from China to U.S.

Warm water Shrimp from China to USA, CVD Investigation

Multilayered Wood Flooring from China to U.S

HEDP from China to United States, AD Review

). Solar Cell from China to United States, AD and CVD (2011-2012)--- 2.3%

PET Film Review (2011 and 2012 ) ---lowest rates

KASR exported from USA to China ---0%

Multilayered Wood Flooring from China to U.S. --below 5%

Wooden Bedroom Furniture from China to U.S.

Aluminum Extrusions from China to United States, AD and CVD

Wooden Bedroom Furniture from China to U.S

Wire decking from China to United States, AD and CVD --- 2.02%

Wooden Bedroom Furniture from China to U.S.

Steel grating from China to United States, AD and CVD

KASR exported from USA to China ---the lowest duty rate

Plastics Processing Machinery exported  from China to India 

Graphite Electrode exported from China  to U.S

Manmade & Synthetic Yarns exported  from China to Turkey  

Wooden Bedroom Furniture from China to U.S

HEDP exported  from China to U.S. ---Zero (0%) dumping margin

Inner Spring exported from China to U.S

HEDP and ATMP exported from China to U.S

PET exported to U.S. from China

Laminated Woven Sacks  exported  from China to U.S

New Pneumatic Off-The-Road-Tires exported from China to U.S.

Circular Welded Carbon Steel Pipe exported from China to U.S

Light-Walled Rectangular Pipe and Tube from China  to U.S

Wooden Bedroom Furniture from China to U.S

Steel nails exported from China to U.S

POLYESTER STAPLE FIBER Exported  from China to U.S.

Wooden Bedroom Furniture from China to U.S

PVC Exported  from China to India

Carbon and Certain Alloy Steel Wire Rod Exported from China to USA

Diamond Sawblades Exported  from P.R.China to USA

Lined Paper School Suppliers Exported to USA from China

Silk Fabrics exported to India from China

Certain footwear with uppers of leather exported to EU from China

Certain Air-conditioners Exported to Turkey from China

Wooden Bedroom Furniture from China to U.S

Plastic sacks and bags exported to EU from China

Wood Floor Exported to Canada from P. R. China

Magnesium Metal Exported to USA from P.R. China

Tissue Paper and Crepe Paper Exported from P. R. China to USA

Self-Standing Barbeques exported from China to Canada

Mica Pearl Pigment from P. R. China to India

Shrimp Exported  from P.R. China to USA

Handtrucks Exported  from P.R. China to USA

Wooden Bedroom Furniture exported  from P.R. China to USA

Pet Chips exported to USA from P.R. China 

Lighters exported to USA from P.R. China

Plastic bags exported to USA from P.R. China

Color TV sets exported to USA from PR China --- Represented Hisense Corporation regarding limited response

Carbon steel fittings exported to USA from P.R. China

Sunset review of antidumping duty imposed on imports of Metallurgical coke from P.R. 

    China (May 7, 2002)

    --- Represented Shanxi Resources International Corporation. (China)

    --- Represented Coking Limited Company. (China)

    --- Represented Shanxi Antai International Trading Co., Ltd. (China)

    --- Represented Shanghai Baosteel International Economic and Trading Co.,Ltd. (China)

         Ferrovanadium from China and South Africa to US (Nov. 26, 2001)

    --- Represented Pangang Group (China)

Cold-rolled carbon steel flat from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, India,  Japan. Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, P.R.China, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela to US (Sept. 28, 2001)--- Represented Pangang Group (China)

Hot-rolled carbon steel flat from Argentina, India, Indonesia,

     Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, P.R.China, Romania, South Africa,

     Taiwan, Thailand and Ukraine to US (Nov. 13, 2000)

     --- Represented Pangang Group (China)

Sebacic Acid from China to the U.S. (Nov, 1999)

     --- Represented all 5 Companies

Crawfish from China to the U.S. (May, 1999)

     ---Represented all 8 Companies

Mushrooms from China to the U.S. (Nov, 1998)

     --- Represented all 19 Companies

Silicon Carbide from China to the U.S. (March, 1998)

     --- Represented all 10 Companies

Sulfanilic acid from China to Australia (July, 1996)

     --- Represented all 6 Chinese Companies

Garlic from China to Canada (June 1996)

     --- Represented all fifteen Chinese Companies

2. Other cases

Safeguard investigation on Certain Steel products.

 (Represented 16 Member Companies of European Steel Tube Association (ESTA). (EU); Represented Leman Commodities S.A. (Geneva, Switzaland);Represented Azovstal Iron & Steel Works (Ukraine))


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