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G&P is traditionally well known for its legal practice of litigation and arbitration. The litigation and arbitration team of G&P provides their clients with high quality legal services. The areas of their legal practice consist of civil disputes, criminal litigations, tort, commercial litigations and arbitrations. Our lawyers are also endeavoring to achieve an amicable settlement between the disputed parties, so as to decrease the cost of dispute settlement for our clients to the most extent. 

Our lawyers have successfully dealt with many big and complex cases, and won the wide recognization and respect from their clients

Business introduction

Litigation Practice

G&P has impressive performance in the legal practice of litigation, concerning real estate dispute, tort, contract dispute, insurance dispute and intellectual property dispute. Our lawyers have been involved in multiple influential cases every year, and our clients include reputed transnational companies, listed companies and huge state-owned companies.


Arbitration Practice

The commercial arbitration practice team is one of the best commercial arbitration practice team in China. Our lawyers are proficient in dealing with dispute relating to investment, construction, M&A, sales contract, license agreement, securities, labor contract, transportation contract, long-term supply contract, intellectual property, insurance etc.

Our services include:

Provide legal consulting for dispute resolution

Design dispute resolution strategy and provide dispute resolution scheme

Represent in negotiation, mediation and settlement

Represent in trial, appeal and execution procedure of civil litigation

File re-appeal in civil litigation

Represent in civil and commercial arbitration

Represent in IPR enforcement and criminal protection

Represent in employment related arbitration and litigation

Represent in pre-trial evidence preservation and asset preservation

Team of Litigation and Arbitration Department

Ruhua Xu ( Senior Partner)

Mr. Xu specializes in the legal practice of construction project, real estate, corporation, finance, arbitration, intellectual property and civil litigation, criminal defense. 

Mr. Xu once worked as a director in the First High Way Office of the PRC Transportation Administration. Mr. Xu now is the secretary-general of Property Management Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association. 

Mr. Xu has wealth of experience in the area of property management in China. He has the ability to solve complicated disputes and manage complex situations for large real estate companies. He has handled a lot of cases in civil litigation and arbitration. Mr. Xu also worked as the legal counsel for many public listed real estate companies. He has accumulated rich experience in handling litigations. 

Mr. Xu served as legal counsel for Luyin Investment Group, Liaoning International Cooperation (Group) Co., LTD, Beijing Dadujintai real estate development Co., LTD, Beijing fifth construction company, Beijing Sixth construction company, Beijing Zhonghongji engineering limited liability company, the State General Administration of Sports Equipment CXenter, China Building Materials Science Institute, Inner Mongolia Cashmere Group, Beijing furniture company, Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmaceutical Company, Qinghua Shanwei new technology companies etc. He also provided legal service for Legal Daily, China's traffic and other media companies.

Mr. Xu graduated from Peking University with LL.B and LL.M.


Fan Zhang (Senior Partner)

Mr. Zhang specializes in the legal practice of finance, FDI, real estate and international trade.

After Mr. Zhang received his PHD from Tokai University in Japan in 1987, he once practiced law in a reputed Japanese law firm. In 1998, he joined GuangSheng & Partners and became one of the senior partners. He has wealth of experience in the areas of corporate finance, investment and real estate. He served as the legal counsel for many large financial enterprises for many years in China, including Agricultural Bank of China head office, Industry and Commercial Bank of China head office, China Everbright Bank head office, China CITIC Bank head office, Beijing Bank etc.. He also has represented many huge Japanese companies, including Japan Marubeni Corporation, ITOCHU Corporation, in the anti-dumping investigation in China since 1999, and is one of the earliest PRC lawyers in this regard.

Mr. Zhang graduated from the Political Science and Law School of Northeast Normal University in 1984, then he went to study in Japan and received his PHD from Tokai University in 1987. In addition, he published a book titled as Japanese Commercial Information Act. He once worked in the Ministry of Justice Legal Daily after he came back to China. Mr. Zhang is proficient in Chinese and Japanese.


Jingru Zhang ( Senior Partner)

Mr. Zhang specializes in the legal practice of corporate affairs, initial public offering, and company restructuring.

Mr. Zhang, who started his legal practice career in 1986, has handled a large number of cases pertaining to security, corporate affairs, finance, real estate and trade. In recent years, he has achieved impressive results in the area of corporate restructuring, public offering of shares, private placements, asset restructuring etc.

Mr. Zhang also pays a lot of attention on the legal theory, in particular on company and security law, and has published several legal writings in Chinese core journals. Mr. Zhang graduated from China University of Political Science and Law with LLM & BA.

Yuping Chen (Partner)

Ms Chen’s main area of practice is litigation and arbitration pertaining to real estate sales and house mortgage loan.

Ms. Chen serves as a legal counsel for several real estate companies, and involved in multiple proceedings and arbitrations regarding real estate. In 1998, Ms. Chen once participated the pilot and promotion project of individual house mortgage loan of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Branch, and China Construction Bank Beijing Branch, and was a drafter of relevant laws and regulations. Ever since, Ms. Chen’s practice focused on the mortgage loan. She has provided legal service for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications and Agricultural Bank of China regarding mortgage loan, credit investigation, and accumulated rich experience in her area.

Ms. Chen received her LL.B from Peking University. Before she joined GuangSheng & Partners, she worked at the government.


Weidong Du (Partner)

Mr. Du specializes in commercial arbitration, intellectual property rights disputes, civil and economic proceedings; he also involved in the restructuring, financing and investment of multiple reputed enterprises. 

Mr. Du has provided legal service for many corporations, including China Everbright Bank Head Office, Beijing Rural Commercial Bank, Beijing Symphony Asia Investment Management Limited, the Great Wall Real Estate Corporation, Beijing Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. 2nd, Beijing, Cheng-Yi Cheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing Boli De Macro Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. (Chinese general agent of European well-known Germany brand-Nobilia Kitchen), and Beijing unlimited architectural design firm, Beijing Ocean Sunshine architectural design consultant Co., Ltd., Beijing Ya Feng Furniture Co., Ltd., Beijing Phoenix Holiday International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Beijing longxing Fu Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Technology and Business Hotel, Beijing Smartdot technology Co., Ltd.etc.

He has handled many important and complex litigations, represented the Headquarter of China Industrial, Commercial Bank of China, Wuhan Hankou Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, the Great Wall Real Estate Corporation, China Hai-Hui Ze Power Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. and other enterprises involving letters of credit, deposit pledge, real estate investment, construction project.

Mr. Du joined GuangSheng & Partners in 1999. Prior to this, he served as in-house in some large construction enterprises in charge of drafting construction contracts, business negotiation and corporate affairs, and has accumulated a wealth of practical experience. Then he worked in Beijing Zhongren Law Firm from 1998 to 1999. He received his LL.B degree from the Law School of Peking University.


Xinying Wang  (Associate)

Ms. Wang’s main area of practice is litigation and arbitration pertaining to civil and commercial disputes and criminal defense. 

She is expertised in Chinese law, who works conscientiously with diligence, and she is able to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties. Ms Wang has handled a large number of complex and influential cases, and won a good reputation in this area. Ms. Wang is also good at non-litigation areas and she was once legal advisor for multiple enterprises, including listed companies.

Ms. Wang received her LL.B from China University of Political Science and Law. She joined GuangSheng & Partners in 2002. Prior to this, she worked in Guangdong Min Yu Xing Law Firm.


Jun Tie (Partner)

Mr. Tie specializes in corporate affairs.

Since 1999, he has provided legal services for many large domestic enterprises including State Development and Investment Corporation, Beijing sixth Construction Group Co., Ltd., Beijing fifth Construction Engineering Co., the National Health Qigong Management Center, China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd.(Overseas Business Division), Beijing Purple Light Control Co., Ltd., Platform Software (Beijing) Limited Company, Shanghai Meite Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., Beijing Grand Hyatt Hotel, China Liaoning International Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd, etc. Mr. Tie has been doing research in corporate practice all year round and got abundant experience in this area. During his professional legal career, Mr. Tie pays more attention on combining customers’ commercial interests with the application of legal provisions, and is able to skillfully handle corporate legal affairs.

Mr. Tie also has rich experience in civil proceedings, involving citizen lending, private investment, marriage, protection of minors’ rights and interests, inheritance, real estate transactions, traffic, tourism infringement, consumerism and other types of tort cases.

Mr. Tie, during his spare time, also has actively participated in Public welfare for many years, helping those disadvantaged groups and offering free legal services for civil society organizations and communities.

Prior to Mr. Tie joining GuangSheng & Partners, he served as a in-house in Beijing Shougang Group Company. He received his LL.B degree from the law school of Inner Mongolia University.


Lirong Wang (Partner)

Mr. Wang specializes in the legal practice of construction project bid, project subcontracting, labor disputes, BOT project, enterprise restructuring, and other civil and economical disputes.

Mr. Wang has years of experience handling cases regarding construction project, construction enterprises restructuring. Prior to he joined GuangSheng & Partners in 1993, he worked in the legal department and concurrently served as the deputy chief of the enterprise reform committee under the First Highway Engineering Co., LTD. under China Communications Construction Group, one of the Top 500 Global corporations. 

Mr. Wang has a college degree in Mechanical Engineering, and graduated from the Correspondence Center of China Lawyers as the first group of graduates in 1987.


Tiejun Zhen (Associate)

Mr. Zhen specializes in the legal practice construction, real estate and corporate affairs. 

Mr. Zhen involved in multiple substantial economic disputes and labor disputes, and provided legal services for a large number of real estate and construction projects. He works conscientiously with great diligence and responsibility, which greatly safeguards the clients' rights and interests, and brought him a good reputation in this area.

Please refer to the Professionals Sector for other members of the Litigation & Arbitration Department.

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