Xi Chen
Xi Chen


Practice Areas:litigation&Arbitration,Divorce and Inhertance,Company affairs,M&A



Lawyer Chen Xi graduated from Nanjing University, Department of Law , specializes in the civil law and commercial law, with rich professional knowledge and practical experience in divorce and inheritance, labor, enterprise and financial fields. With solid foundation in writing skills, prudent and earnest attitude, Lawyer Chen Xi is deeply trusted and highly praised by his clients.

As the permanent legal consultant of an institutions directly under the Ministry of Science and Technology, a petrochemical system service enterprise and a scientific and technological innovation enterprise, Lawyer Chen Xi commits to giving a written reply to the consultation via email within 24 hours. In addition to the settlement of disputes in personnel, labor and contract fields, he also provides legal training for the employees, business personnel and managers of his clients, participates in the establishment and improving of enterprise management system, regulates contractual text and controls legal risks.

  Lawyer Chen Xi has dealt with many family or commercial lawsuits, has solid foundation in writing skills, experienced evidence organization ability and adept court debate skills. With keen insight to the evidence effect and the trend of court judgment, he would pursue rapid settlement for the cases with advantageous evidences, so as to enter the execution stage and realize benefit for his clients; for those cases with weak evidences, Lawyer Chen Xi is good at taking advantage of procedures in order to create all beneficial conditions for the clients to strive for a reconciliation.

As the legal consultant of China Innovation Submit and EnnoHub, Lawyer Chen Xi owns excellent resources in private-equity, crowdfunding, innovation and venturing fields. Lawyer Chen Xi provides services not only conducting due diligence, thoroughly investigating the debt and shareholder history of item company, but also designing the transaction structure that in favor of item company getting funds from various ways, so as to reduce transaction cost and eliminate legal barriers for his clients.

Having lived in the United States of America for many years, Lawyer Chen Xi is able to communicate with his clients in English fluently.

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