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In Feb.1996, G&P was born out of the China Legal Affairs Center directly under the Ministry of Justice, which was restructured and established.

In 1998, G&P entered the Beijing World Trade Zhongfu Tower and began to grow.

In 2001, G&P's business developed rapidly, and its domestic and international business scale was formed. It has a strong and professional team in all business fields and has set up branches in Qingdao, Heilongjiang and Shanghai.

In 2004, G&P introduced a large number of highly educated talents at home and abroad, and became a pioneer in the industry. Guangsheng appears frequently on the name list of various law firms.

In 2008, G&P moved into Jiasheng Tower.

From 2009 to 2013, Guangsheng was an excellent law firm in Chaoyang District, with outstanding contributions in society and industry.

In 2016, G&P moved to Jingxin Tower.

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    Guangsheng & Partners Law Offices
    Guangsheng & Partners Law Offices
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