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As one of the first PRC firms to practice in the field of anti-monopoly law, G&P has provided, over the past years, extensive and in-depth legal services.
Business introduction
Anti-monopoly Practice
As one of the first PRC firms to practice in the field of anti-monopoly law, G&P has provided, over the past years, extensive and in-depth legal services for many local and multinational clients and accumulated a wealth of experience.We have established a strong anti-monopoly team with both local resources and international experience. Some team members worked in Central governments including MOFCOM, practiced competition law for many years with prestigious international law firms before joining G&P. Some members are not only well-versed in anti-monopoly laws, but also expert in particular industries.
As one of the law firms which provided anti-monopoly legal service at the earliest, G&P's lawyers has represented multiple local and multinational companies to submit merger notifications, and assisted clients to get through the investigation of the anti-monopoly enforcement  organizations.
Our services include:
l preparing antitrust plans and strategies for companies and undertaking antitrust compliance reviews for companies;
l collecting evidence on behalf of companies in connection with complaints under the Chinese Anti-monopoly Law, drafting letters of complaint, defending companies against antimonopoly claims and investigations, preparing strategies for companies in responding to antitrust complaints
l providing antitrust analysis of companies' marketing agreements, cooperation agreements and merger agreements, helping companies avoid carrying out monopolistic conduct and being subject to administrative penalties and litigation proceedings;
l carrying out evidence-gathering investigations and legal analysis in support of relevant market definitions, claims of market dominance and allegations of abuse of market dominance
l preparing and submitting merger notifications on behalf of business operators and representing interested parties in submitting counter-claims
l providing legal advice to trade associations/chambers of commerce to assist them in carrying out their functions in a manner consistent with Chinese anti-monopoly laws
l providing legal advice to government authorities and institutions entrusted with public functions under relevant laws and regulations to help them avoid abusing their administrative powers to restrict or eliminate competition
l providing legal advice in respect of national security review procedures initiated during the course of concentrations
l representing clients in administrative appeals and administrative proceedings under the Anti-monopoly Law
representing clients in civil litigation under the Anti-monopoly Law

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