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Pubdate: 2020-06-08 14:07
G&P represents international and domestic clients (including many global 500 companies) across different industries in cross-border equity and asset acquisitions.
Business introduction
Merger and Acquisition 
G&P represents international and domestic clients (including many global 500 companies) across different industries in cross-border equity and asset acquisitions, as well as setting up joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries. The acquisition targets include listed companies, state-owned enterprises and private companies.
G&P has expertise and in-depth understanding of the issues related to the M&A transactions, including setting up acquisition vehicle, market entry, industry restriction, corporate governance, intellectual property rights, employment issue, taxation optimization, compliance with listing rules, foreign exchange settlement as well as anti-trust evaluation and filings. G&P has provided international investors with formal PRC legal opinions in many cross-border transactions.
G&P, with the outstanding performance of the M&A team, ranked top three in global legal counsels and No. 1 of PRC law firms in Chinese Involvement Small-Cap Ranking (below US$50 million) in the Legal Advisors Review for year 2011 released by Thomson Reuters.
Our services include:
Ø Designing transaction structure;
Ø Assisting with the examination and approval process and providing time schedule of M&A transaction;
Ø Carrying out due diligence investigation on the target company;
Ø Drafting transaction documents;
Ø Communicating with PRC government authorities;
Ø Providing legal advices on issues regarding examination and approval, filing and registration;
Ø Assisting with closing of the transaction;
Ø Filing anti-trust applications where necessary.
2. Our Team
l Yan Hai (Senior partner)
Mr. Yan has been involved in multiple merger & acquisition transactions as well as anti-trust deals.
Mr. Yan has been an official at MOFCOM, working at the Department of Treaty Law and Bureau of Fair Trade, and has been the one of few lawyers trained at WTO. Mr. Yan has participated in multiple anti-dumping investigations and negotiations in WTO.
Prior to G&P, Mr. Yan once worked at the Sidley Austin LLP, Washington DC, USA.
He received his LL.M from Georgetown University. He also has Doctor Degree and Mater Degree in international economic law, and Bachelor Degree in law from China University of Political Science and Law.
l  Jingru Zhang (Senior Partner)
Mr. Zhang specializes in the legal practice of corporate affairs, initial public offering, and company restructuring.
Mr. Zhang, who started his legal practice career in 1986, has handled a large number of cases pertaining to security, corporate affairs, finance, real estate and trade. In recent years, he has achieved impressive results in the area of corporate restructuring, public offering of shares, private placements, asset restructuring etc. Mr. Zhang also pays a lot of attention on the legal theory, in particular on company and security law, and has published several legal writings in Chinese core journals. Mr. Zhang graduated from China University of Political Science and Law with LLM & BA.
l Hui Ma (Partner)
Mr. Ma specializes in Merger & Acquisition, cross-border investment, intellectual property litigation, anti-unfair competition and investment disputes. Prior to Mr. Ma joining G&P, he served as an IP/Chinese Legal Specialist at a New York – based law firm, involving in patent and trademark prosecutions for more than 8 years. He has a wealth of experience in the application of patents and trademarks and relevant litigation in USA. He also assisted clients in patent and trademark filings and transactions in the USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and other countries. As a counsel familiar with Chinese law, he also provided legal services on China law in the fields of corporate, securities, venture capital, private equity, investments, and commercial litigations.
Mr. Ma is admitted to both New York State Bar and China Bar. He is also limitedly recognized to prosecute patent applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Mr. Ma received his B.E. from Gansu Agricultural University in China, his LL.B from Peking University and Master of Intellectual Property from FPLC, USA. He is a Chinese native speaker and fluent in English.
l Song He (Partner)
Mr. He Song specializes in the legal practice of corporate and securities, foreign direct investment, intellectual property, disputes resolution, real estate. Mr. He has provided several famous international companies with satisfactory and comprehensive legal services, of which include the acquisition of Dawoo Company (Korea)’s investments in China by GM Company (USA), the acquisition of Non-Performing Assets (NPL) of China Huarong Assets Management Company by GE Company (USA), the establishment of the JV flight training center in Qingdao between Bombardier Company (Canada) and Shandong Airline Company (China), and others.
Mr. He joined G&P in 2003. Prior to this, he practiced law in several renowned domestic and foreign law firms since 1997, including Ying Ji Law Firm, Sichuan from 1997 to 2001, White & Case LLP, Beijing Office from 2001 to 2002, and Concord & Partners, Beijing from 2002 to 2003. Mr. He received his LL.B degree from the University of Beijing Industry and Commerce in 1993, and his Master degree of Common Law from the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2000.
l  Haojie Zhai (Associate)
Mr. Zhai specializes in legal practice of corporate financing, Merger & Acquisition, litigation and real estate.
Mr. Zhai has been involved in multiple company investment and M&A transactions. Mr. Zhai joined G&P in 2007. Prior to this, he worked in China International Travel Service Limited Head Office from 2001 to 2003, and in Beijing New Era Law Firm from 2003 to 2007.
Mr. Zhai obtained his LL.B from Northeastern University in 2001, and his LL.M from Kansas City School of Law under University of Missouri in 2009.
3. The Achievements of Mergers and Acquisitions Practice
l Advised a direct merger of USA Affiliated Computer Co.,Ltd
l Advised Cisco’s merger of Tiandi Digital
l Advised Ping An Group Company of China’s merger of Shenzhen Development
l Advised CMB’s merger of Hongkong Yonglong Bank
l Advised CNPC’s merger of Columbian heavy oil company
l Advised GE Financial’s merger of a wind power company of NBT AS
l Advised Schneider Electric’s merger of a PRC listing manufacturing company
l Advised ABN’s purchase of shares from a PRC Insurance Company
l Advised a joint venture project of Wind Power between Australian Company and Datang  
l Advised Syngenta’s merger of a PRC Agricultural Company
l Advised Shell’s merger of a PRC avaition fuel company
l Advised China Non-ferrous Metal Construction Co.,Ltd’s merger of Zambia Copper Mines  
l Advised SMG overseas investment
l Advised Jinfeng Tech overseas investment
l Advised Bank of Spain purchases shares of Citic Bank held by Citic Group
l Advised overseas investment and Merger Acceptance by SMG Broadband
l Advised transfer of Shanghai Tianzong Company shares by Hangzhou Network
l Advised China Huadian Corporation overseas investment
l Advised transfer of CCB shares between Central Huijin Investment Ltd.and State Grid
l Advised Enel and Capital Group for joint project of gas
l Advised formation of JV for SAIF and CCTVGB
l Advised Several M&As of SAIF
l Advised Real Estate Development in Nanjing of JP Morgan Real Estate Fund
l Advised Wolters Klumermerger of Haoyisheng  
l Advised joint venture project of a Portuguese company and a Chinese steel company
l Advised real estate project of JP Morgan and Vanke
l Advised joint venture project of Arla Foods and Mengniu
l Advised overseas investment of Beijing Jangho Curtain Wall
l Advised joint venture project of Electricite De France in Shanxi
l Advised joint venture project of a USA company and a Chinese auto fitting company
l Advised joint venture project of a Thailand company and a Chinese coal mining company
l Advised Baring Fund’s merger of a Chinese educational company
l Advised USA Tyson’s merger of a Shandong poultry enterprise

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