Enterprise Culture

Along with the judicial process since reform and opening up, Guangsheng & Partners Law Offices (“G&P”) has undergone the judicial evolution of China and formed its own unique culture in the practice of law.

With a sense of social responsibility, we take an active part in advancing social justice and assisting vulnerable groups.

We are professional and prudent with tacit cooperation and mutual assistance between team and lawyers.

Keeping an eye on the cutting edge of social legal system, we move parallelly forward with the update and improvement in judicial system, judicial industry, judicial laws and regulations.

We are full of energy and experience. The support and replacement, between old and new lawyers, not only carry the culture of law firm but also spurt its lively vitality.

Burdened with the solemnity of law, we are never impetuous. Pursuing the spirit of law, we never relax in our efforts.

Adhering to duties and high efficiency in work, we have self-restraint and code in our career.

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