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Pubdate: 2020-06-05 22:44
The intellectual property team of G&P includes couples of partners and lawyers with abundant experience in the legal practice of intellectual property related areas.
Business introduction

Intellectual Property Practice

The intellectual property team of G&P includes couples of partners and lawyers with abundant experience in the legal practice of intellectual property related areas. Most partners of intellectual property team hold both lawyer's practice certificate and patent attorney certificate. Some have previous working experience in international intellectual property law firms or famous intellectual property agency companies, and maintain close and stable cooperation with many global 500 companies. Our lawyers are able to provide their clients with relevant high quality legal services.

G&P’s services include:

Patents and Trademarks
Ø design and preparation of patent strategies for companies, including risk analysis; analysis of company patent strategies and preparatory studies in connection with the establishment of patent research & development projects
Ø domestic and foreign patent applications, patent reviews and challenges to patent validity, patent litigation, patent licensing, patent pledges, patent transfers
Ø planning and analysis of company trademark strategies, trademark management planning
Ø trademark applications, trademark investigations and inquiries, administrative review of trademarks, recognition of well-known trademarks, handling of trademark infringement cases, trademark litigation
Ø general legal advice relating to patents and trademarks

Copyright, Integrated Circuit Layout Designs
Ø  litigation relating to copyright ownership and copyright assignment, legal advice and agency services in relation to copyright, neighboring rights and copyright-related trade matters
Ø  legal advice in relation to news and print, magazine publishing, performance, sound and video recording, investment and production of cinematography/television and stage performance, broadcasting organization rights  
Ø  legal advice in relation to the creation, use and online distribution of databases and computer software
Ø  integrated circuit layout design registration applications, protection and infringement litigation

Information networks, domain names, e-commerce
Ø  legal agency services in relation to domain name and other internet-related registration procedures, internet publishing/communications litigation, litigation with respect to information database rights
Ø  domain squatting litigation, company name-related domain litigation
Ø E-commerce-related dispute resolution and strategic planning
Ø   other legal services in relation to internet copyright, database and technology protection, rights management, domain names and e-commerce

Ø  legal advice and strategic planning in relation to franchising; development of franchising business frameworks
Ø advice in relation to choice of new franchise partners/head of franchise by franchise chains; provision of investigatory services in relation to corporate capacity, credit rating and business position of prospective franchisor
Ø  drafting and negotiation of franchise contracts and other related legal documents
Ø  assistance with central record-keeping by commercial operations pision of franchisor companies
Ø  representing clients in disputes arising during the performance of franchising contracts and any disputes arising as a result of trademark infringement and unfair competition by third parties

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